Recruitment Process Services

Overview and Benefits

Hiring Spectrum will become an extension of your recruiting function on an as-needed basis when a Recruitment Process Services (RPS) relationship is formed.  This model is a scalable solution that allows the in-house human resource/recruiting organization and hiring managers to leverage their resources to staff upcoming projects to grow the organization.  We can handle any task that falls within the spectrum of your hiring process as we augment your existing recruiting team or serve as the entire function if no recruiting personnel exist within the company.  We become your trusted partner and have the ability to adapt to your changing business needs.  RPS is ideal for long-term hiring needs as well as short-term projects.

What services can be provided?

  • •  Recruiting process analysis, recommendation, and planning
  • •  Job description development
  • •  Recruiting and branding campaign review and execution
  • •  Research
  • •  Candidate generation (active and passive candidates)
  • •  Candidate evaluation
    • • Interview questionnaire development
    • •  Resume review and screening
    • •  Initial contact and qualification
    • •  Candidate interviews (by phone, video, or in-person)
    • •  Hiring manager interview coordinationtion / closing
  • • Offer facilitation / candidate closing
  • • Applicant tracking / EEO compliance
  • •  Onboarding
  • •  Other functions as defined by the client